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Week 6 (From 6/7/20): Animals

Don't forget your child's school report will be available from Friday 10th July and could you please drop off all school reading books, so that we can check them all back into our library before September. 

Hello from Miss Pritchard!

I am very excited for 'Animal Week' this week. I can't wait to see the things you get up to. My bubble at school are going to have a go at making animal puppets and to find out about endangered animals.


I know that lots of you love animals and know all sorts of weird and wonderful facts. I really miss you teaching me about the new animals you know. This week gives me a great excuse to watch some Deadly 60 and Our Planet! What are your favourite animals?


I will be busy this week finishing my special project for you all. You will get to see it and your reports next week.


See you all very soon!

Miss Pritchard

Hello everyone,

I hope you managed to have lots of sporty fun last week, between the showers. We loved seeing some of your outdoor Sports Day tasks and plans. They were very impressive!

This week,there is lots of Science and I have found some art and craft activities to link to our learning topic 'Animals'.

You might want to take a picture of any pets you have at home and let us know all about them.

Have fun!

smileyMrs Millersmiley