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Week Commencing 18th May

Hi everyone!  I hope that you are staying safe and keeping well.


This week, I have put a variety of English, Maths and Topic activities on the home learning site along with all of the resources which can be accessed below.  For those of you who are going to John Port School in September, please could you download and fill in the 'All About Me' sheet?  This has been sent out by John Port and is really important as the staff will use these to get to know a little about you before you start in September.  If you would like a paper copy of these, they are available at school.  Once they have been completed, please could you drop these in at school so that I can take these up to John Port at the end of May.  Alternatively, you can email it to John Port directly on the email link below.


Please remember that you do not need to do all of the activities which are listed below.  It is important that you have a balance of both home learning, exercise and time with your family during these very difficult times.  Now that unlimited exercise is allowed, try to structure a couple of sessions into your day around a couple of pieces of work.  I have created an example timetable which you could use to structure your day should you wish to use this.  There is certainly no requirement to use this - however it may be useful to use in full or adapt to your own needs should you want to use it.


If you do any activities at home this week, it would be lovely to see these.  Quite a few of the children in our class have sent photos or emails to the home learning contact on the website to share with us what they have been doing.  I will always reply to these emails, so please send some photos in to share some of your activities.


I shall be in school on Wednesday this week, so if you want to phone me at school, please feel free to do so.


I hope that you enjoy the activities this week.  Stay safe.


Best wishes


Mr Rodgers

John Port Spencer Academy Transition Booklet

For those children who are transferring to John Port in September, please could you complete the 'All About Me' transition booklet below.  Once printed, have a think of what you will write about in each of the different boxes.  Then have a go at writing a draft version of your answers before writing your ideas up in neat.  The booklets can be dropped off at our school so I can then take them to John Port School myself.  Please could you try to complete these before the end of May and drop them into school office.  If you need a printed version of the booklet, please collect one of these from the box at the front door of school.  If you would prefer to email it directly to John Port, you can do that using the email.




The spelling focus for this week is -ably. The list of words can be found on Spelling Shed. You will need to log on to the Spelling Shed and click on Play / More Lists / Assignments and then the spellings for this week. You can print out the spelling resources below for this week.  There are different spelling activities for you to have a go at each day.


Carry out the second week (Days 6 – 10) of the 10-minute reading activities each day.  The link to the resource can be found below.

Spend some time each day reading a book from home or one from the online Derbyshire Virtual Library (Free registration is required).


This week, we will be looking at letter writing.  Can you write a letter to a healthcare hero?  Follow the BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons and watch their lessons each day to build up ideas for your letter which you could write at the end of the week.

Monday: Healthcare hero letter:  Similes, metaphors and hyperbole.

Tuesday: Healthcare hero letter: Semi-colons and colons.

Wednesday: Healthcare hero letter:  Preparing and drafting.

Thursday: Healthcare hero letter:  Writing a thankyou letter.


Carry out the second week (Days 6 – 10) of the 10-minute grammar activities each day. The link to the resource can be found on below.


Daily Lessons

The Maths focus for this week is Decimals.  Use the BBC Bitesize daily lessons to develop your knowledge of decimals further.

Monday: Multiplying and dividing decimals by 10, 100 and 1000.

Tuesday: Multiplying decimals by integers (whole numbers)

Wednesday: Dividing decimals by integers (whole numbers)

Thursday: Converting decimals into a fraction

Friday: Maths challenge of the week

Alternatively, use the daily maths lessons from I See Maths.  Use the link below to access these fantastic daily videos.

Times Tables

Carry out the ‘Studio’ game this week on TT Rockstars.  Can you improve your recall speed and your ‘Rock Status’?

Maths Puzzle

Can you solve the weekly maths puzzle?  Using the numbers in the box, how many different categories can you put the numbers into?  For example, find all the multiples of 4; square numbers; prime numbers, numbers containing 6 etc…  Use the link below to access this puzzle.

Alternatively for Maths, instead of the BBC Bitesize daily lessons, you can still use the White Rose Maths daily lessons.  All of the video links to these lessons can be found below, along with the worksheets and answers needed for each day.


Our topic this half term is about The Peak District.  Below are some of the different activities which you could carry out about the topic.  Use the links below to access websites about The Peak District or find some websites of your own.

Research information about The Peak District. Information gathered could include:

The history of The Peak District.

The villages and towns in The Peak District.


Famous foods.

Tourism and activities.

Different museums and attractions.

Create a fact file or poster about The Peak District. Use the weblinks on the home learning page for research ideas.

Use Google Maps and Street View to make a virtual visit to The Peak District.  Draw images of some of the different locations.

Write a tourism leaflet which attracts people to The Peak District, using persuasive language and information about the area which you have researched.

Write a description about a place that you have visited in The Peak District – e.g. Dovedale, Thorpe Cloud, Buxton, Edale, Eyam, Mam Tor, Kinder Scout, The Tramway Museum, The Heights of Abraham, Matlock Bath etc…


The cookery challenge for this week is to have a go at making bread.  Use the recipe below to make your bread and send us in your photos.


Can you use Scratch coding on the Scratch website to create a virtual piano or drum?  Can you program the computer to make a sound when a different picture is clicked on by the mouse pointer?


Can you have a go at using the step-by-step guide below to draw a dynamic deer?  Once you have drawn it, think about using different tones of brown to create a 3D effect.