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wc. 16th January 23

Week 2


In writing, we have started our sentence stacking lessons on a biography about the Egyptian pharaoh, Hatshepsut. The children have really engaged in class discussions and are working hard to improve their vocabulary. We even had a great session creating puns for on of our subheadings. Here is some of our efforts so far:



Rightful ruler, powerful peacekeeper, fierce pharaoh


About 3,500 years ago, a fierce pharaoh ruled over ancient Egypt and led for more than twenty years.


This mighty leader achieved a time of peace and calmness, and also persuaded the people of Egypt to make better trade relationships with other countries.


I got the eye of a pharaoh!


However, Hatshepsut was a bit of an unusual pharaoh. Hatshepsut was actually a female, most pharaohs were usually male.


Egyptians were certain that pharaohs were half-man and half-god and not women. Hatshepsut was one of the first female pharaohs to prove these beliefs wrong in Egyptian history.


The class have continued to work hard on their times tables knowledge in maths this week – we have been busying mastering the 3, 6, 9, 7 and 11’s. It’s great to see the children becoming more confident with this key skill and I continue to encourage everyone to practise these at home as much as possible.


We’ve started our new geography topic, Europe and the Alps, and are looking forward to adding ‘geographers’ to our list of achievements this academic year! We’ve started by learning about the countries in Europe and had great fun playing a memory game to see how many we could remember!

In science, we investigated complete and incomplete circuits and in PE we worked on our gymnastics and basketball skills.


Don’t forget the launch of the ‘extreme reading’ competition – you have until the 17th February to bring in a picture of you reading in an interesting/unusual place. I look forward to seeing what you all come up with 😊

Music pieces

Cowboy Chorus.mp3

Circle Madness.mp3

36 First FInger Rag.mp3