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wc 26.09.22

Week 4


A great week to end September 22 in the year 4 classroom!


In writing, we’ve continued our Charlie and the Chocolate factory sentence stacking – here is some of the work which is continuing to build our story from last week. We’re enjoying sharing them at the end of the lessons and then working together to edit to improve when we need to.



All of a sudden, a crowd as noisy as a swarm of bees buzzing around a pot of honey, had gathered around Charlie eager to catch a glimpse of the golden ticket.


“You lucky boy!” somebody yelled.

“I can’t believe my eyes,” another person roared.

“Let me have a glimpse!” they screeched.


Dashing through the crowd, Charlie raced home to tell his family the fabulous news.


Charlie ran and ran because he didn’t want to lose his golden ticket.


The four old grandparents, who were sipping their cabbage soup, stared in amazement as Charlie flung himself through the front door.


“Yippee!” Grandpa Joe’s bony arms jiggled frantically, his skinny legs danced joyfully, and his wrinkly face beamed excitedly.


Grandpa Joe cleared his throat and started to read the letter on the back of the golden ticket. Dear Lucky Finder…


You have been chosen to come to a place where children’s dreams come true, we soak them in sunshine and you can even eat the dishes.


You will have the chance to taste a Shooting Skyrocket, which will give you the sensation of being able to fly; a Lemazing chew, which makes your body fizz and turn yellow for two hours and a Strawtastic Fudge, which makes your teeth red for an hour.


I am preparing other surprises that are even more wonderful and fantastic for you and all my beloved golden ticket holders - magical and colourful, wild and tasty, delightful and dazzling.


In maths, we’ve taken some time to secure our knowledge and understanding of numbers to 10,000 by using different types of concrete apparatus to create a 4-digit number, then showed this number in different representations pictorially. We’ve also been looking at partitioning 4-digit numbers by identifying the number of thousands, hundreds, tens and ones; then understating that a whole number can be split into parts in many different ways.


In our history topic lessons, we’ve been learning about the river Nile and the many ‘gifts’ it brought to the Ancient Egyptians. We worked really hard to produce a poster to show what we had learnt and can’t wait to find out more about this era!


In music we got a sneak peak at the violins and cello’s, we even got to pick which we’d prefer to learn to play! We continued to work on our understanding of beat and rhythm and did some ‘body coordination’ activities in preparation for instruments.


Spellings: Words where 'ou' makes an /u/ sound

  • touch
  • cousin
  • double
  • enough
  • country
  • encourage
  • trouble
  • flourish
  • young
  • couple