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Autumn Term 2

Autumn Term 2: Willington and Forces 

Our new topic this half term is a geography topic called ‘Could you be a tourist guide for Willington?’

During this topic we will be thinking about :

  • Why do we need an address and/or postcode to find different places?
           (Especially, learning about their home address).
  • Where is my school and what features does the school have?
  • Where could I go in Willington?   What could I do?
  • What would appear on a map of Willington?
  • What transportation do we have in Willington?

We will be looking at lots of maps of the UK, Willington and our school, as well as, creating some of our own.

We will also be using maps to find routes to different places, using language like north, south, east , west , left and right .


During the first week, to start off our work and help us think about staying safe in our village, we have visitors in to help us with learning about road safety.

Science Work 

We will also be thinking about forces and motion, ‘How do we get from here to there?’

We will be learning about different ways in which we push and pull things to make them move and how we can change an objects speed and direction.
We will also be learning about gravity to help our very own Discovery Dog and Naughty Nora to solve a problem with
their shopping bags.



Design and Technology

In the middle of the term, we will be designing and making our own vehicle with moving wheels! For this, I would be very
grateful if the children could start collecting together any junk materials that they may like to use to add to our models
for decoration. This could include bottle lids, yoghurt pots and cardboard tubes.
Please note that we cannot use toilet roll tubes in school, but wrapping paper and kitchen roll tubes are okay. 
Please send any materials in to school on Monday 26th November in a named plastic bag, as we have nowhere to store them.