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Wk 5 - 18/5/20

Hello again everyone in my marvellous Year 2 class!

I hope you are all well and getting out for a bit of a walk or cycle. It's going to be hot next week so remember sun cream, a sun hat and plenty of water to stay healthy and safe in the sun.

I hope Alice and Ollie had a great birthday last week and we will all be thinking of Ella, William and George this week as they have their birthday too.

I've seen a lot of super photos of all the things you are getting up to! I'm so proud of you all because you are all keeping busy, helping out and listening to your Mum and Dad. Even though I know you're missing seeing all your friends at school, we need to continue staying safe and listening to the rules so everyone stays healthy. When we know it is the right time, we will be able to see each other again at school and what a lot of things we will have to tell each other!

Don't forget you can contact me at parent and I always reply!

This week ends in a special holy festival for the Muslim community. Eid ul Fitr follows a period of time called Ramadan in the Islamic calendar. This year, of course Muslims will celebrate this festival in a different manner due to Coronavirus but it is important for us all to learn about and show respect for peoples religious beliefs and customs. So your topic work is based on this RE focus alongside a little more Science.

Missing you all,

Mrs Miller.smiley

Some parents have asked for a timetable of activities so I have added a flexible timetable with rough times that would be similar to a school timetable.