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Week 4

Week 4


This week in phonics we learnt 2 new sounds. 1 trigraph - air and 1 digraph - er


We also learnt to read longer words with double letters in them - dd, mm, tt, bb, rr, ggdd, pp, ff, tt. Mrs Braddock taught us that these are also digraphs as they are 2 letters that make one sound.

When we read the longer words we 'chunk' it up. So if we were reading the word hammer - we would cover up the end and blend and read hamm first, then the er and blend the two parts together. We will continue reading longer words next week too!


We also learnt 3 new tricky words - are, sure and pure

Other learning this week:

yes In Maths, we have been thinking about weight and capacity. We talked about the words light, lightest, heavy, heaviest and explored using the rocker scales weighing different objects. We also thought about capacity and the language empty, half full, full. We used these words as we explored different containers in the water tray. We also enjoyed playing a Post Office Weighing game on the interactive whiteboard. 

yesIn English, we wrote plot point 4 of our Handa's Surprise story. Handa arrived at Akeyo's village with a basket full of tangerines (which we said would have been a surprise for both Handa and Akeyo!). We then wrote action sentences to show how Akeyo ran over to see Handa because she was excited to see her friend. The action words we cam up with were skipped, zoomed, zipped, sped, hurried, jogged. Grandma Fantastic then provided a few extra words for us to use. The children are becoming so confident at writing - using their phonics skills to sound out the words they want to write. 

yesIn RE with Mrs Lea, we have been learning about the Christian Creation Story. We ordered pictures to show what God made first. 

yesWe have been talking a lot about our new school values this week:

R - respect

E - empathy

A - aspiration

C - collaboration

H - honesty

We have discussed what these words mean and how we demonstrate these words in how we behave. We then decorated hands with the values on for a display for Mrs Spencer Lovesey.