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wc. 23rd January 23

Week 3

In writing lessons this week, we have continued our biography on Hatshepsut - the children have been working hard on choosing precise vocabulary and have learnt how to use a thesaurus to help us. Here are this week's showcase sentences:





After a short while, Hatshepsut’s husband (Thutmose II) fell ill. He passed away and before she knew it Thutmose III was next in line for the throne.


Although he was still only an infant therefore, Hatshepsut ruled as a regent until he became old enough to become king.


Like the powerful currents that flooded the plains, this leading lady displayed power and it wasn’t long before she became pharaoh.


To secure her reign, she decided she would need to assure her people that she could rule as well as any other male pharaoh before her.


‘If I dress like a king and act like a king, I will be a king!’ she thought.


Pass me my cobra headdress!


She slipped on a fake beard, normally worn by men, and forced her statues and images to look more man-like.


“That’s it! I want to have big, big eyebrows and a cobra on my headdress. Finally, a six pack. Now!”


In maths, we used manipulatives to help us learn our 12 times tables. We've now learnt all of the tables up to 12 x 12 and are now learning how to use these skills further. 


In geography lessons, we enjoyed using an atlas to locate and name countries in Europe. We also started our own map of Europe for display by cutting out individual country jigsaw pieces and then piecing them together. We will keep adding to this display as learn more throughout the term.



Music pieces

Eggs and Bacon.mp3

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