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wc 3.10.22

Week 5


This week, in writing lessons we created our own golden tickets using ideas from our lessons so far then finished our sentence stacking on our Charlie and the Chocolate factory narrative. We were so proud of the end result and have now got to thinking about our independent write next week by creating our own ‘plot point maps.’ Here’s the ending of our sentence stacking:



A burning, beaming sun quickly rose above the glass factory roof.


Charlie stood glancing up at the jet-black, tall gates that were looming over him.


There he was.

Prancing towards them.

Staring at his visitors.

Willy Wonka.


I’ve been really impressed with the verbal discussions in our whole class reading lessons this week too. We’re currently reading ‘Tilly and the Time Machine’ together and are using VIPERS to support our understanding of the text and the authors intent.


In Maths, we had a focus lesson on multiplication where we discussed the Multiplication Check and the need to practise times tables regularly so we are confident with this key skill. We also continued our place value work and are more confident at tackling questions linked to this area.


In topic, we learnt about some of the key pharaohs during the Ancient Egyptian era. We played a game called ‘Find that Pharaoh’ and learnt about important symbols associated with pharaohs.


We had some lovely discussions in PSHE about friendships, creating some fabulous name artwork to show our individual interests. We’re really looking forward to our top secret task for the next week where we’re being an anonymous friend and will reflect on ideas for being a good friend!


Finally, in music we worked on our rhythm and coordination in preparation for working with our instruments. We’ve got some work to do before the next lesson where we need to label a diagram of our chosen instrument and we can then colour it in. Please can all parents ensure that they have completed the instrument agreement form that your child received on Friday and return to school by 13th October.


Spellings: Words where ‘y’ makes an /i/ sound