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Year 1

Welcome to the home of

the Fantastic Foxes!



Please note that reading books will be changed on Wednesdays or Fridays only. This is because we have to quarantine the books before returning them to the shelves. As we will listen to the children read throughout the week, please send in their reading book everyday, but they will only be changed on the set days. Reading the same book multiple times will improve your child's fluency and confidence. Please feel free to read other books, comics etc alongside to support your child's reading. Thank you for your understanding.


Please find a document below with questions that can be used to support your child's reading skills when sharing books together, to help encourage them to think more deeply about the text and discuss their thoughts.

Please find some useful information below including books we have shared and key words to learn in Year One. There will be regular updates on our class page, as well as Twitter, to show off our learning journey!

Summer 2

As part of our science topic on Materials, we explored the school grounds looking for items made from metal, plastic, wood and other materials. We had fun practising our photography skills too!

As part of our Literacy unit based on Traction Man we have designed and labelled our own characters as well as collecting vocabulary when we explored with water and household items.

In Numeracy, we have been practising our addition and subtraction skills. We decided on if we wanted to use numicon, dienes equipment, counters or number lines to help us calcuate our answers.

Summer 1

In Numeracy, we have learnt about doubling numbers. We had a lot of fun using numicon to help us work out the answers!

We have started making collages to link Art with our History topic of The Great Fire of London. We are looking forward to continuing with this space!

We have been looking at arrays in Maths. We really enjoyed making arrays using blocks to help us understand how to count the number in each row.

To help us show our understanding of the different parts of plants, we made labelled pictures. We had to listen carefully and work as a team to complete them. We had so much fun!

For our Computing we have been learning about algorithms. We had to give clear instructions to each other and we couldn’t move unless we were told to by our partner. This helped us to understand about algorithms being step by step instructions.

We have finished our Class Sentence Stacking model based on the story ‘It’s the bear’. We are now going to write our own stories based on it!

In Science we thought about deciduous and evergreen trees. We investigated the school grounds and took pictures too!

In maths we have started thinking about full turns, half turns and quarter turns. We turned our bodies and then investigated using shapes to understand this concept.

As part of our Science topic of Plants, we have been identifying wild plants. We used our photography skills to take photos of our findings using iPads. Don’t our photos look wonderful!

We have started our History topic of The Great Fire of London. We voted on if we thought fire was always bad and had a brilliant discussion about the uses of fire,

We have started our next Science topic of Plants. We have planted our own beans as well as starting off an experiment to see if seeds need water and sun to grow! We were excited to find that the bean that has been having sun and water has started to grow.

Spring 2 

We had fun making shadow puppets and used them to help us understand about light and shadows as part of our Science learning,

We have been learning how to count in 2s in maths. We made kites and decorated them to help us remember this important skill.

We had a visit from a coach who helped us learn some basic cricket skills. We enjoyed learning to throw, catch and hit the ball.

We started our new literacy unit this week with the help of Fantastic Fox. He helps us with new vocabulary when we say ‘Fantastic Fox what’s in your box?’

To celebrate our first full week back together again, we followed a Draw with Rob video and drew our own Foxes! Aren’t they Fantastic!

To help us understand numbers up to 50 we had fun building numbers using base 10 equipment to help us understand how many tens and ones are in a given number.

We have been practising our Common Exception Words in different ways this week. We are having so much fun learning our spellings!

For World Book Day, we discussed the book covers and the information we find on them. We then had a go at designing our own book covers for books we might write ourselves or our favourite book. :)

We are so happy to be back together. We read The Colour Monster and discussed how we might be happy at being back at school but perhaps a little sad at not being at home. We decided this was ok and perfectly normal to have mixed up feelings sometimes.

Spring 1
Although things are a little different right now, we are still Fantastic Foxes and we are still working hard whether we are at school or at learning at home! Here is a selection of the work we have completed during January:
Autumn 2

We have enjoyed taking part in a ‘virtual’ athletics competition against other schools. We enjoyed cheering each other on and being supportive sports people.

We have been working hard to poly-print our Christmas card designs. They are looking so good!

We have started to look at part-whole models in numeracy.

We have been working on ‘cold’ pictures as part of our geography topic. We will turn them into calendars. Can you guess what they are yet?

We have started collecting ideas about Bonfire Night so that we can write a poem. We love talking about fireworks!

Autumn 1

In PSHE we have been thinking about Good Choices and Not-so-good Choices. We have impressed Mrs Maynard by how well we understand how our actions have consequences.

We have been learning about one more and one less, and creating number sentences using counters to help us work out the answers.

We created structures in the style of London landmarks as part of our U.K. topic.

We thought about how a positive mindset can help us be better learners. We created a ‘donut give up’ display to help us remember this!

We continued our autumn art by collecting a leaf and creating a sketch of it.

We linked our Science with Art today by creating autumn pictures inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.

Fantastic Fox has been helping us with our writing if we ask nicely!

In PSHE we have been thinking about kindness. We created a Chain of Kindness to decorate our classroom to show some ways we can be kind to others.

We have a dragon in our classroom!

A dragon egg and letter has appeared in our classroom!