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wc. 14th November 22

Week 3


This week was Anti-bullying week, so on Monday we participated in the BBC Live Lesson. We thought about who we would reach out to if we were facing bullying behaviour, how we can help each other as allies and different ways we can be kind. We even got a shout out on the BBC Live website!! Throughout the rest of the week, we learnt about healthy relationships, talking to support networks and cyberbullying.

In English, we recapped what a simile is and learnt about metaphors and personification too. We then used these forms of figurative language and created sentences about an Egyptian tomb.


In maths, we continued our learning on addition and subtraction, building up to add or subtract up to two 4-digit numbers with exchanges. We’re going to continue practising this next week to make sure we are confident with this skill.


In topic, we found out what pastimes were popular in Ancient Egyptian times and enjoyed playing the game ‘Senet’ against a partner. We also talked about some of the Ancient Egyptian gods and created our own short dances to represent them in PE.


In music, we continued practising playing our instruments with and without a bow. I’ve included some of the pieces and audio we're learning so you can practise at home.

  • Jig – play twice through with a gap in between.
  • Open String\Sleigh Ride – practise just pizzicato (no bow at all for this one). The backing track is twice through with no gap in between.
  • You can also try the NICE LONG BOW challenge, playing slowly on each string for 3 slow beats 1,2,3.


Open String Sleigh Ride - A.mp3