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Week 2

Week 2


This week we continued learning new Phase 3 sounds. We have learnt 4 new digraphs...

oo (as in zoom), oo (as in book), ar and or

 We’ve read lots of words containing these sounds like too, boot, food, zoom, look, book, cook, foot, car, dark, march, card, torn, fork, sort etc. We’ve also recapped 3 tricky words – and, as, the and learnt 3 new tricky words - was, you and they.

I have attached the home learning sheet below if you would like to have a practice at home!



Other learning this week:

yes In PE with Rosie we started our gymnnastics sessions and learnt different positions we can make our body into such as tuck, straddle, pike, star and pencil. We also tried balancing on one or two 'points' of our bodies. These are smaller areas like our hands, knees, elbows and feet.

yes In maths we thought about night and day and sequenced events in the right order - we thought about how we would get dressed in the right order or what order we do things in during the day. 

We then moved on to our new unit on number and we became experts on the number Zero! We talked about how the language of nothing, empty and all gone and how this means the same as zero. We also found all the zeros we could around the classroom. We ended by listening to Zero to Hero from Hercules!

yes In literacy we continued reading Handa's Surprise. We wrote noticing sentences to describe that Handa didn't see the animals stealing the fruit out of her basket!

yesIn music we played the glocks for the first time! We talked about how to hold the beater correctly and played the G note to "If You're Happy and You Know It". The chidren were brilliant and already excited for their next music lesson next week!