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Year 2

Marvellous Mice

Year 2 Class 2021 - 2022


Welcome to the class page of Year 2 Marvellous Mice.

Here you will be able to access any letters sent home and see what we have been up to in school.


African Masks


We are so proud of our completed masks. We worked really hard mixing paints and adding detail.

Art / Geography


We have loved looking at different African masks and learning about their meaning and how important they are to people in Africa. 

We enjoyed sketching our own African mask designs.

Things then got very messy when we used papier-mâché pulp to cover our mask template. We built up the papier-mâché to create 3D features. Now we can’t wait until they are dry enough for us to paint. 

Internet Safety


We have enjoyed learning about staying safe online. Here is a link to the song we have been singing to remind us to stay safe.


Lunar New Year


What a lovely day we have had learning about Lunar New Year. Our favourite activity was following instructions to make Chinese lanterns. 

As it is the year of the ‘tiger,’ we have also been writing information texts about tigers.

We also followed a video tutorial to complete these amazing sketches. 

Christmas Cards


We have really enjoyed creating our handprint Robin Christmas cards.

We used the PicCollage app on the iPads to create our card inserts; experimenting with different backgrounds and changing the style, colour and size of fonts.



We have enjoyed emptying money bags and adding coins.

Geography / ICT / RE


We created this collage sea turtle using plastic we collected as a class. We used the internet to research facts about sea turtles and how we can protect them. This work also linked with our RE work about how God created the planet and what we can do to protect it.


We cut up our marbled paper to make seaweed for our ombré oceans. We then added silhouette sea turtles. Don’t they look fabulous.


We have worked so hard on our ombré painting.

Odd Socks Day


We have enjoyed wearing odd socks to celebrate our individuality and uniqueness. We have had lots of discussions about being kind to others, no matter what they look like, sound like, dress like etc. 

We have really enjoyed listening to and joining in with the official anti-bullying song 'One Kind Word.'

Please click on the link below to hear it - enjoy!

History and Science


We made predictions about what would happen to balloons filled with water, left over night in the freezer.

We saw how the water (liquid) had frozen to ice (solid) and then talked about how we could change the ice back into water by leaving it to melt. 
We then talked about other reversible changes such as melting chocolate into a liquid and then cooling it down, back into a solid. 
We also talked about irreversible changes such as making a slice of toast and not being able to turn it back into bread!


We predicted what would happen if we dropped our icebergs into the water and then we talked about them staying frozen in the Atlantic Ocean, due to the below freezing temperatures of the water.

We were amazed to see the icebergs float and just how little of the iceberg would have been seen from the Titanic. Icebergs are mostly hidden under the water.


We have had great, messy fun dripping droplets of coloured ink into water to create our own marbled paper. 


We are enjoying reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.

What books will you be enjoying over half term?


We have enjoyed following a presentation on how to draw a self portrait. We then used mirrors to add our unique features, before choosing pastels or pencils to colour. Don’t they look fab on the hall display.

Literacy - Little Red Reading Hood

We have had great fun hinting about where Little Red Reading Hood might hide to enjoy her books. We can’t wait to start our new sentence stacking unit based on this lovely book.

We even got a retweet from the author Lucy Rowland. 

Design and Technology - Moving Vehicles

We have really enjoyed learning about wheels and axles and how these allow vehicles to move. We then designed, made and evaluated our own moving vehicles.


Numeracy - Place Value

We have enjoyed using different equipment to explore and learn about place value.

Animal Symmetry Art

We have really enjoyed our work based on ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ by Giles Andreas.

Our favourite work has been choosing another animal from the story, using mirrors to sketch the other half of our chosen animal and then using water colours to paint.

Marvellous Mice Art
The Children have settled into their new classroom extremely well.

We have enjoyed following a step by step guide to draw the mouse from ‘The Gruffalo.’

Moving Up Morning 
Do you recognise these handprints you cut out and coloured on our transition morning?

They look great on our classroom door...



Your self portraits look fabulous too...