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Year 2

Marvellous Mice

Year 2 Class 2022 - 2023


Welcome to the class page of Year 2 Marvellous Mice.

Visit here for weekly updates on what your child has been doing in school. 


If you would like to speak with us, please feel free to chat to us on the playground at the end of the day.  Alternatively, you can contact us using the following email address:  

Information about your child and the class will be sent out on Parenthub.


Summer 2 Week 7


Wow!!!! What a week to finish in Year 2!

I am sure you will all agree that our African Drumming and Dance workshop was amazing. The children absolutely loved it - we didn’t stop all day and I was so proud of their final performance.


We have had lots of parent feedback from this event - emails and parents talking to both myself and Mrs Spencer-Lovesy. It has been really lovely to hear such wonderful comments thanking us for giving the children this experience. 
Thank you to everyone for your support. 

We wish all of our Marvellous Mice all the very best in their next journey into the juniors.

Have an amazing Summer break everyone and stay safe.




Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Summer 2 Week 6

Spellings for this week.











Summer 2 Week 5


Thank you to everyone who has completed the online permission form for tomorrows mini olympics.

Please send your child into school wearing their PE kit, suncream applied, a hat and a water bottle. 



We have been using the vocabulary of position to follow instructions.

Mini Olympics 


We have had a great afternoon, taking part in the mini Olympics event.

We have played handball, dodgeball, football cricket, American football and have ran relay races against three other schools.

Everyone will sleep tonight !!


Spellings for this week.











Summer 2 Week 4


What an amazing week of sports we have had!
Monday’s Sports Day was fantastic and all the marvellous mice joined in so well - everyone tried hard and everyone was cheering each other on - so nice to see such good sportsmanship.

I think it is fair to say that some of our Mums and Dads had a great time too! A huge well done to Avaani’s mum for winning her race.


On Wednesday, we had a great afternoon with the Olympic swimmer Joe Robuck. We were super impressed with the efforts the Year Two children gave, during the circuit training.
Everyone enjoyed the assembly too, learning about how Joe became a swimmer, where he has travelled, what races and medals he has won.

Thank you so much to everyone who has raised sponsorship money too! 



Spellings for this week.











Summer 2 Week 3


Spellings for this week.











Summer 2 Week 2


Spellings for week 2.











Summer 2 Week 1


Spellings for this week.











Summer 1 Week 6


The final week of another half term!

The Marvellous Mice class have worked so hard on their special quiz work over the last two weeks; everyone has tried their very best and can be very proud of themselves.




The children are so proud of their African art in the style of Sarah Shiundu; when they had been cut out and stuck onto a background the children couldn’t wait to point their work out to a friend. 

The art work looks amazing on our topic display, everyone who visits our classroom comments on how good it looks. 



In computing, we are learning all about digital photography.

After identifying which devices could be used to take photographs, the children learnt about how to take a good quality picture and loved playing photography bingo!

We then learnt about how to improve our photographs as well as enhance them using a photo editing app.

Summer 1 Week 5




Here are the spellings for this week.

African Art


We have enjoyed learning some facts about the late African artist Sarah Shiundu. We have looked at and discussed lots of examples of her work. 
We then choose two of her pieces to copy before designing our own work in her style. 

Leaf Printing


As a treat after our ‘Special Quiz Work,’ we had great fun leaf printing. We experimented with different colours and thought carefully about the back drop for our African art. These are going to look great with our Sarah Shiundu style drawings over the top. 

Summer 1 Week 4




Here are the spellings for this week.

Summer 1 Week 3




Here are the spellings for this week.



We have really enjoyed designing a t-shirt onto an African map background. Some of us added Mount Kenya, others added African animals and colours of the Kenyan flag. 
It was great to have Lupita back into school to judge the competition - they were so good she ended up choosing two winners!!
One design will go on the front of her shirt and the other on her back. We can’t wait to see photos of her out in Kenya wearing the winning designs - well done Shae and Willow.


Thank you to everyone who donated during our dress up day, the total amount collected on the African map outline was £80.00.

Well done Marvellous Mice ! 

Thank you also for all the clothes donations, these will be given out in the community where Lupita is volunteering. 


During our dress up day, we even had an African lion!

A fabulous £80.00 raised!

Summer 1 Week 2

Carrot Tokens 


We have enjoyed our assembly with Mrs Spencer-Lovesey, learning about the WPS rules and our new reward system. 

The new school rules 


Be ready

Be respectful

Be safe


To earn carrot tokens we must display our manners and good behaviour around school. Our class teacher cannot give us carrots, we can only earn them from other adults in school. The tokens will be added together each week and the class with the most tokens will be awarded 15 minutes carrot time. The class get to choose their reward and can even bank the time for a later date.


Here are the spellings for this week.

In Science this week, we have been learning about the different creatures that live in micro-habitats. We went outside on to the school field and searched for micro-habitats. Here are some photos to show what we did!


Learning Logs


Thank you so much to all the Marvellous Mice for their amazing homework projects. We enjoyed sharing them as a class and it was clear to see the effort you put in.

We look forward to seeing your next projects from Learning Log 2.

Rock Steady Music 

What a fabulous assembly with Ben from Rock Steady Music !

World Daily Mile Day!

On Thursday, we took part in World Daily Mile Day. We ran for 15 minutes on the playground with Year 5, then discussed why we like to do the Daily Mile at school. Here are some photos of us with our posters!

Summer 1 Week 1


Welcome back! We hope that everyone has had a fantastic Easter holiday and are all fresh and set for the final Summer Term!

Click on the Curriculum Star at the top of this class page, to see our Topic Web for this half term. 

We have lots of exciting things planned!



Here are this week's spellings.

Fundraising for Kenya


We have really enjoyed welcoming back one of our ex-pupils, Lupita, to talk about her upcoming trip to Kenya in May. She showed us video clips of the community she will be working with and talked about how she will be helping to rebuild the roof of a local school. 

Lupita was really pleased with all the donations of children's clothes and is looking forward to giving these to the children she meets who are much less fortunate than ourselves. 

We covered an African map with coins to raise money for the hard work which Lupita and the team will be doing in Kenya. 

Spring 2 Week 5

On Thursday and Friday, we had our Design and Technology days in Year 2. We had to design and make a bag for a book character. We carried out some research, designed our bags, learned how to sew, then created and evaluated our bags - the finished products came home on Friday after school!


Here are this week's spellings.

Spring 2 Week 4


Here are this week's spellings.



We have finished our sentence stacking based on ‘The Owl who was afraid of the Dark.’

The children have really enjoyed writing about Plop’s adventures and are now working on their own adventure for Plop and his friend     Cat. The children will be planning plot points and writing their own stories into next week. 

Parent’s Evening


It has been really lovely to see you over the last few evenings and share with you the progress that your child is making. 
We would like to thank you for all of your support with your child’s home learning - it really does make a difference!

Spring 2 Week 3


Science Week


In whole class reading, we have been reading about famous women scientists. We have focused on retrieving information from the text to answer questions. We then wrote a retrieval question for our friend to answer using the text. Next time you hear your child read, see if they can ask you a retrieval question. Remind them that you must be able to find the answer in the text. 

In our Science afternoon on Friday, we found out lots of facts in our whole class reading session about David Attenborough. We then spent the afternoon finding out about 'Living things, including animals'. We talked about the different habitats that exist locally, and then worked in small groups to classify living things into their habitats.



In our sentence stacking lessons, we have continued writing about the adventures of ‘Plop’ the owl. This week he has been to a campfire and is beginning to realise that the dark isn’t so bad after all. 

Special Visit


We have been so lucky to meet Sofia’s baby brother and sister. 
Amelia and Archie are adorable -  congratulations to all the family.

Spring 2 Week 2


We have had a very busy week this week!


In Maths, we have been learning about length and measure. We measured objects around the classroom using metre sticks in groups and recorded our results in a table. We used our results to compare objects and used the vocabulary 'bigger' and 'smaller'. 


In English, we have started looking at our new text, The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark. We are really enjoying reading about and writing sentences about the adventures Plop the Owl is having. He even watched a firework display, and so did we - on video of course!


Please find below the spellings that have been set for a test next Friday (17th March).

In Science, we have started our new topic 'Living Things and their Habitats'. We have been learning about how to classify whether living this are alive, dead or have never been alive. Here is our whole class classification chart!

Spring 2 Week 1


Welcome back Marvellous Mice - we hope you have had a super half term break.

This half term, PE day will be on a Thursday - please send your child dressed for PE on this day each week. 
Library books will also be changed on a Thursday.




Spellings will now be tested at the back of Home Spelling books.

This way, you will see which spellings your child spelt correctly or incorrectly, as well as their weekly score.

This weeks spellings are from the Year 2 Words and all spelling groups have the same.

Our class novel for this half term….




Next week's spellings are below for each group and all children also have 3 of the Year 2 Common Exception words to learn.


World Book Day

We had a fantastic day on World Book Day - here is our class photo of us all dressed up!

Spring 1 Week 6


We can’t believe that we are in the last week of Spring 1 - it seems to have flown by since we came back at the start of 2023!




Please find below your child’s spelling lists for this week. 



Our completed hands for the school ‘REACH’ display.

They look amazing!

Road Safety


The children have listened really carefully today and have learnt about different ways of safely crossing the road.

Spring 1 Week 5


The Marvellous Mice did so well on their spelling tests last week; there were lots of full marks and raffle tickets and house points rewarded. 
Here are this weeks lists.

Children’s Mental Health Week


We have had a great start to the week, thinking carefully about and discussing different emotions, what kind of things trigger different emotions and how we can help to be positive and look after our well being.

Most importantly, we talked about how it is okay, not to be ok.

We talked about the importance of talking about our feelings and then wrote about how we were feeling this morning. The children were extremely open talking about how they felt and why. 

The Year 2 Willington Warriors, will be delivering positive messages to different staff members throughout the week. We hope these will be displayed in classrooms as messages to us all.

Dress to Express Day

On Friday 10th February, we took part in Dress to Express day as part of Children's Mental Health Week. Here are some photos from our day!



We have enjoyed completing ‘Hands’ for a school communal display.

The display will be linked to our ‘REACH’ school values;








Some children chose to use paints to create ombré hands, using skills taught when we completed our ombré ocean work in the Autumn term. Others chose to use pattern and bold colours.

They are going to look amazing on display, watch this space!



We have started a new topic - Multiplication and Division.

Today we have been identifying equal groups.


Children should now be secure with their 2s, 5s and 10 times tables. We will soon be learning our 3 times tables.

Here are some links to Maths games which the children are familiar with and know how to play.

Spring 1 Week 4




Here are this weeks spelling lists.

We now have all of the ‘Spring 1 Tricky Words’ displayed alongside our new reading area. I have uploaded the photos of these so you can continue to learn these with your child. They should be able to both read and spell these words. Remember to use the ideas from the front of their home spelling books as well as those from the ‘Meet the Teacher’ presentation (click on the star at the top of the page).



We’ve been on another virtual train ride; this time with snacks of strawberries and chocolate buttons.

We created wordbanks of adjectives and verbs to describe both eating the snacks and what they tasted like.

We then used these wonderful words in our sentence stacking. 

Geography / ICT


We have had great fun using googlearth on the iPads. First we rotated the world and found Europe, then flew into England. We found Willington and then changed from aerial view so we could walk around. We found our school and some of us found our homes. Someone even spotted their Mum!!

Our Class Story

Spring 1 Week 3




Here are this week’s spelling lists and tricky words.

The children are getting some super spelling scores and are always proud to achieve house points and raffle tickets for their efforts.

Tweak of the Week


Each week, Mrs Spencer - Lovesey gives us something to focus on as a school. This week we continue to think more carefully about how we move around school. 

Reading Area 


We are so excited about our new reading area - Wild about Reading. 
We would like to thank ‘Friends’ for donating us money to spend on our reading space. 



We are starting our new sentence stacking writing unit based on a picture book titled ‘The Train Ride’ by June Crebbin. 
Mrs Robinson handed us train tickets as we returned to our classroom after break. We then went on a virtual steam train ride through the Scottish mountains. 

We then worked in small groups to create word banks to describe the sounds of the train. 



This week we have been learning about money.

What each coin looks like and what it’s value is.

We have enjoyed tipping out coins from money bags, drawing around them, identifying them and then adding them together. 
Some of us even moved on to adding notes. 

Please support your child at home, here are some ways you could help:

* give your child a selection of coins to draw around, identify and add together.

* play shops together - label up some toys and ask your child what coins they need to buy the toy.

* give your child coins to spend in the shop.

Children have less access to real money situations as we now use cards etc so little things like these really do help.

Spring 1 Week 2


We hope that your children have shown you their new Reading Records. We expect the children to read at home at least five times a week. This only has to be for ten minutes at a time; please see the letter inside your child’s reading record for more information.

Each time your child reads to an adult at home, they will achieve a house point.



We know that Christmas has been and gone, but the children were so eager for us to finish the story. We are hoping to finish this week. 




Here are the spelling lists for this week, your child’s Spelling Shed Login has been stuck into the front of their new reading record.




We have been working very hard on our use of basic punctuation. This week, we have focused on capital letters at the start of a sentence and for names and places, full stops and question marks. 
Some of us have had great fun ‘playing teacher’ and correcting sentences with red pen. 

Spring 1 Week 1


Happy New Year everyone! We hope that you have all had a wonderful Christmas break with your children.

We are very much looking forward to starting the New Year with a new Headteacher - Mrs Spencer-Lovesey has really enjoyed meeting the Year 2 class and looking at some of their learning. 


Please see our Spring 1 Topic Web 'Wonderful Willington' by clicking on the 'Curriculum' star above. 



This term, the children will be doing PE on a Tuesday afternoon.

They will also be completing a scheme called ‘Jungle Journey’ twice per week; this is to develop and improve fine and gross motor skills. The children will not need to be in PE kits for these days.

Children will only need to come into school in their PE kits on a Tuesday. 

We have enjoyed making a start on our ‘Circuit Training ‘ unit today. 
We completed a shuttle run and a mat leap, developing our skills of changing direction and leaping. We recorded our scores and we were extremely proud if we beat this on our second go. 

Autumn 2 Week 1

Welcome back, we hope you have all enjoyed the half term break.
It was lovely to see you all at Parents Evening and we hope that you are as proud of your child’s progress and how they are settling into Year two as we are.

Click on the ‘Curriculum’ star above to find out what we will be learning this half term. 





This half term our PE days remain the same - Mondays and Thursdays. 
Monday is gymnastics with Rosie.

Thursday is attacking and defending games with Miss House. 



This week your child will be bringing home their new ‘Home Spelling’ books. Here you will find your child’s spelling list and some ideas to help support your child in learning their spellings. New spellings will be added onto Spelling Shed and sent home in books on a Monday and your child will be tested on these words on a Friday.

This weeks spelling lists.



To start our new topic on ‘Explorers,’ we have had great fun following a video tutorial on how to draw an astronaut. We then cut these out and used them as a front cover for our new topic. 



In Maths, we have been working hard learning our number bonds to ten. 

Autumn 2 Week 2




Spelling test scores will be written in ‘Home Spelling’ books. This will be done on a Monday, at the same time your child is given their new spelling lists. Remember to use the ideas at the front of the book to help your child learn their spellings. You could also have another look at the ‘Meet the Teacher’ presentation for other ideas.

Here are this weeks lists.



We are very proud of our completed sentence stacking, for our story based on ‘Little Red Reading Hood’ by Lucy Rowlands. 
We have looked back across each plot point to recall the lenses we used for our super sentences. We then ‘walked’ through the story, linking the lenses into each plot point. We can’t wait to start planning our own stories. 

Remembrance Day


We have been learning about the significance of the Poppy and have enjoyed making these beautiful 3D poppies.



In maths, we are working so hard to learn our ten times tables and count in tens.

This has been one of our favourites to sing along to - maybe have a sing song at home !


Autumn 2 Week 3




Here are the spelling lists and tricky words for this week.

We were really pleased to see so many children trying so hard to learn their words - lots of house points and raffle tickets have been awarded. 
Keep it up Marvellous Mice !



We have been working on our addition sums using base ten apparatus - or chips and peas!

1000 Angels

St Wilfrid’s Church in Barrow upon Trent is 1000 years old.

Some lovely ladies, from the church, came to help us decorate angels.

To celebrate the church turning 1000, there will be 1000 angels hung in the church. 

We have been so lucky to be a part of this amazing project. Keep checking the class page for an invitation to the opening night - you may be able to spot your child’s angel. 

Autumn 2 Week 4



This weeks spelling lists and tricky words. 



We enjoyed watching the England match on Monday afternoon, what a result!!!



We have been continuing our work on addition and subtraction, using base ten apparatus, counters and number lines.

We have been comparing addition and subtraction sums.


Pink Hampers


Thank you so much for your amazing donations - lots of pink goodies for our Christmas fayre hampers.

Please remember to return your raffle tickets - there are some fabulous prizes to win. 

If you are having a sort out, before Santa comes, please donate your toys and teddies next week so we can sell them at the fayre and raise money for school. 

We are also asking for donations of good quality children’s clothes. 



In art, we have been looking at pattern and shading. We have enjoyed experimenting with our pencil, applying different amounts of pressure to create different shades. 

Autumn 2 Week 5




This weeks spelling lists. 
Group B will have some words they have had before, as it is our phonics review week. 

Fire Safety


We have really enjoyed having Kate come to visit us from Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service. 
She told us about her job role, not only do they put out fires, but also rescue people from floods, rescue animals stuck in mud and are called out to traffic accidents too. 

She showed us a photograph of Dexter the Fire Dog. He is trained to smell where fires are started. 

The children answered lots of questions and identified fire risks around the home:

- matches

- lighters

- candles

- electricity (overload of plugs)

- cooker

- fireplace 

- cigarettes 


Kate told us what to do if our clothing caught fire - STOP, DROP, ROLL - we are going to have a go at this in PE when we have more space.


Kate told us about smoke alarms and how we should have one downstairs and one upstairs - if you don’t have smoke alarms, please see the letter your child has been given; there is a contact number for you to ring and the fire service will come to your home and fit alarms for free!

Remember to check that your smoke alarms are working - we should check them every week.

Kate usually does her fire safety talks on a Tuesday so her saying is ‘Check it Tuesday,’ today we went with ‘Work it Wednesday.’

She showed us how to test an alarm today so ask your child to show you.


We also talked about having a ‘Fire Plan’ in the home?
The children know what to do if there is a fire in school but do they know what they would do at home?
Please talk to your children about this. We watched a video which shows just how important having smoke alarms and a fire plan are.

Here is the link so you could watch it again with your child and maybe share with siblings too.

Jingle the Elf


The children ( and the teachers 😁) have been very excited to see the return of Jingle, the Year 2 naughty elf.


Autumn 2 Week 6




This weeks spelling lists….



In maths, we have been using the geo-boards to investigate 2D shapes. 
We have talked about the number of sides and vertices 2D shapes have and have also had a go at drawing them. 

Even Jingle the Elf has enjoyed exploring the 2D shapes.



As part of our writing, based on the BBC Christmas Star Advert, we have enjoyed watching talent shows. We watched ‘Diversity’ perform on Britain’s Got Talent and then acted as the judges. We thought carefully about what we would say to the dance group after their performance. We heard some great vocabulary as we listened to different responses.