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wc. 6th March 23

Week 2


This week, we continued our reading and writing focus on 'The Iron Man.' Our sentence stacking story has really come on and the children are working hard to edit their own writing before sharing with the class. Here's what we have so far:



The Iron Man froze. The Iron Man froze majestically. The Iron Man froze majestically and calmly.


He saw birds gliding in the cloudless, pitch black sky above him.


The Iron Man was as colossal as the towering Big Ben.


Why was he there? It was to be discovered. What was his purpose? It was to be discovered. What was he capable of? It was to be discovered.


His eyes observed out towards the sea – marigold yellow, gigantic, staring.


His arms stretched up to the clouds – shining, long, clanking.


A chorus of waves attracted him closer. A melody of birds lured him to the edge. A choir of rocks called him in to the blue.


Tumbling, dropping, plunging, the Iron Man crashed down the deep cliff. Boom! Boom! Boom! Clatter! Clatter! Clatter! Bang! Bang! Bang!


Stone to stone, shard to shard, ledge to ledge, the Iron Man fell. Moss to moss, rubble to rubble, beach to beach, he descended. Shell to shell, foam to foam, rockpool to rockpool, he came to a stop.


Freeze. Halt. Hush. As the Iron Man opened his eyes, he saw shooting stars and the moonlight reflecting off the gloomy ocean.


He realised (with growing anxiety) that he had shattered into pieces.


Sensing his despair, the clouds made a fog and wrapped him up in a soft, warm blanket. The sea waved at him and whispered words of advice. The friendly stars smiled down at him and the wind whistled a soothing lullaby.


The Iron Man felt heartbroken, isolated and numb by what had happened.


“Oh no! What is that on the beach?” screeched two seagulls.

“What a shame! Hang on, we will fix you,” they cried.


Foot to shin, shin to knee, knee to hip, the Iron Man was pieced together. Nut to rod, screw to iron, hinge to bolt, he began to take shape. Tarnish to silver, sheet to tin, copper to rust, the Iron Man was finally fully assembled.

In Maths, we have begun looking at fractions. We know that fractions are part of a whole and have focused on counting in fractions, including counting beyond one. We've also looked at improper fractions and mixed numbers and the children continue to try using the correct mathematical vocabulary when answering questions. 


We finished our illustration sketches based on our chosen illustrator and really enjoyed spending time looking at these. In geography, we learnt about mountain ranges and how some mountains are formed. We then used atlas's to locate some mountain ranges around the world and learnt about the highest points of the ranges. 


Finally, we began our Science unit on Sound. The children were fantastic at spending majority of the lesson in silence, which included group work and a sound walk, so that we could really focus on sounds that we could hear. The class really enjoyed walking around school with their own clip boards!

Next week is British Science Week.

Here's a link to some fun investigations that are easy to carry out at home, and require few resources (or ones that are easy to find in the house).