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Week 4

We have been learning about emotions this week and have been reading...

After reading about The Colour Monster separating his emotions into different jars so he could learn more about them, we learnt about language we could use to talk about our emotions and how our faces and gestures can tell others how we are feeling. We talked about what we could do if we experienced different emotions and looked at The Zones of Regulation we are using in the classroom.

This week during phonics, we have been learning.....

Words: she, push, he, of 


Reading small CVC words and handwriting graphemes....

We have also been learning about shapes this week, pressing shapes into dough to make patterns, completing puzzles, sorting shapes by their properties and describing them using mathematical language.

Here we are enjoying some exploration outdoors this week, as the weather changed and we discovered ice and frosty, cold leaves.

Then it was Friday! The classroom had a few exciting new additions, 'Santa Cam' has switched on and we have an Elf in the class! We really enjoyed dressing up in our new North Pole area and using the construction bricks to build a workshop for Santa.