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Home Learning Week 8 W/C 15th June

Hi Super Squirrels!

It was great to see that so many of you enjoyed last week’s learning project ‘Under the Sea.’

This week there are lots of activities about Famous and Significant People – keep your photos coming in as it is always great to hear what you have been up to.

I can’t believe that we are in week 8 of home schooling! These really are the strangest of times but hopefully we will get to see each other again very soon.

Enjoy this time with your family, stay safe and keep smiling.

Missing you all,

Mrs Robinson

Example timetable for week 8 home learning

Blank Timetable



Sentence Stacking


Jane Considine will no longer be teaching her daily Sentence Stacking lessons.

All previous lessons are still available by clicking here –


Talk for Writing


‘Talk for Writing Home-school Booklets’ are an excellent resource to support your child’s speaking and listening, reading and writing skills.

Continue working on The Truth about Trolls


BBC Lessons


Monday - Exploring poetry

Tuesday - Sound words

Wednesday - Nonsense poetry

Thursday - Alliteration

Friday - Reading lesson: Slime by David Walliams  








Here is the link to the White Rose Maths which we follow in school.

Also find below, the activity sheets and answers.


Or, have a look at this website which offers daily maths lessons and activities.


Or, follow the BBC Bitesize home learning daily lessons.


Here is the timetable for BBC Maths lessons this week:







This week the Learning Project is titled: Famous and Significant People.

The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about famous or significant people. Learning may focus on past or present inventors, explorers or scientists and how they influence society today.


Activities for you to choose from throughout the week:


Famous Fact Find

Find out about one or more Famous British People here -  

Ask your child to decide how they would like to present the information they have discovered. This could be a slide show, a poster or an information report about them. Can your child create a true or false quiz about their chosen person and test it out on the family during a games night?


Healthcare Heroes

As the NHS plays such a significant role in our lives, ask your child to represent our amazing NHS staff with their own piece of artwork. This could be a painting, collage or even a collectable stamp of a famous medic e.g Florence Nightingale   Mary Seacole or Aneurin Bevan. Remember to tweet a photo of their artwork #TheLearningProjects. 


Sport Superstar

Watch an interview with Rod Ellingworth, a famous, British cyclist - Then go for your own bike ride as part of your daily exercise. Don’t forget to wear your helmet. No bike? Then take a walk and look out for any cyclists you see. ​(Recommendation at least 2 hours of exercise a week).


Family Matters

As a family, discuss the famous people that may have had an impact on their lives and the choices they have made about the jobs they have chosen. Talk about who has inspired them and why. Your child can create a family tree that illustrates inspirations and choices. 


Religious Role Models

Ask your child to find out about significant religious people, like Jesus, Moses, Muhammed (pbuh), Guru Nanak or someone else who is important to your family. What do they notice about these people? What is similar about them? What is different? Need help?

Record the similarities and differences in a table format or make a Religious Role Model mini-book.




STEM Learning Opportunities #sciencefromhome

Sophia Barnacle

Sophia was a British inventor who invented the Helter-skelter in 1907.  Try using junk box material to make your own helter-skelter or marble run.

  Try and make a run that takes exactly 60 seconds for the marble to complete the run.

  To find out more about building your own marble run click here -


Additional Activities


Below I have added a document which has a grid of further activities linked to the theme of 'Famous and Significant People.' There are reading and writing activities as well as a Maths and Spelling challenge - enjoy!

Additional Activities for Famous and Significant People


I’m sure some of you are still joining The Body Coach, Joe Wicks, in a morning at 9.00am.

Remember to take advantage of the lovely weather and go for bike rides and / or walks.

There’s an exercise activity based on Famous and Significant People – check it out on this week’s Learning Project.

Or you may want to have a go at these Basketball skills.


Or try these gymnastics activities


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