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Week 5

Week 5

Excitement was high this week as the children were VERY excited about a trip out on the coach! On Friday afternoon, we visited Heathfields Primary to take part in the EYFS Change4Life Festival. The class were split in half and completed a circuit of activities such as sack races, parachute games, beanbag throwing and aiming, hurdles and more! The children loved their first outing (especially being on a coach) and has made them even more excited for our trip to the farm at the end of term. The children were very well behaved and enjoyed all the activities despite the weather being very hot and sweaty!


The children also spent the morning with their new teacher, Mrs Maynard on Tuesday. This was a great opportunity to visit and spend time in their new classroom to hopefully ease any worries about September. I know Mrs Maynard is really looking forward to teaching you all. 



This week we read words ending in -ing like groaning, creeping, sleeping and painting. Words ending in -ed that sounds like /t/ such as cloaked, sparked, croaked and splashed. Words ending in -ed that sounds like /id/ /ed/ such as crowded, floated, boasted and started. And words ending in -ed that sounds like /d/ such as groaned, crowned, cleared and stormed. 


Our book of the week was...