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wc. 30th January 23

Week 4


WOW.... What a busy week filled with exciting visitors and fantastic learning! 


On Tuesday, Bethan from National Grid came to school to tell us about staying safe around electricity. We learnt lots of interesting facts about electricity and know to 'look up, look out, stay out, call 1-0-5, stay alive' when we are out in the community. We also now know a catchy song, "1-0-5....stay alive....."


Then, on Friday we had a special guest from Rolls Royce. Russ is an engineer in the submarine department and he taught us about what engineering is and formed the 'Brilliant Badgers Engineering Team' for the afternoon. He came into school to teach us even more about electricity by showing us all that potatoes can actually be used as batteries to light an LED light!! First we had a go at creating a circuit using a potato, wires, LED, coin and nail but nothing happened! Russ then talked to us about voltage and we measured the voltage in some of our circuits by using a multimeter. We then added a second potato and an extra wire into our circuit and could not believe it when the LED illuminated! A big thank you to Russ for such a fantastic afternoon and providing all the resources for all of the children to take home and experiment some more!

Through the rest of the week, we finished our Hatshepsut biography (see our sentences below), learnt how to multiply 3 numbers, read about small countries in the world and investigated if materials were insulators or conductors. In PE we continued to develop our gymnastics skills by learning about counter balance and counter tension and began working on our dribbling skills in basketball.


Two white doves or a queen that loves

Theo A

Hatshepsut became one of the most powerful leaders Egypt had ever seen.


With her as a royal ruler, Egypt became a calm country and the home of harmony.

Theo B

Collecting trade deals over war, she increased the economy – realising trade moves were the most useful way to improve her community.


In her ninth year, she established trade expeditions to the land of Punt, bringing back lots of riches: gold, leopard skin and ivory, amongst other treasures.


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right?


To be the best or to welcome her guests?


As a reminder of her skills, Hatshepsut oversaw the building of many grand monuments and temples throughout Egypt.


Her leading legacy was her own mortuary temple, Djeser-Djeseru, an impressive temple still standing today.


The temple shows glamorous statues with lots of detail.


Never forgotten

After her years of a successful reign, Hatshepsut died and even though her people built her a mortuary temple, she was buried in the Valley of Kings.


Weirdly, once Thutmoses III became pharaoh, he had almost all the statues and images of Hatshepsut crushed.


Was he jealous?


Did he feel threatened?


Gratefully he couldn’t tear away the incredible mark she left on Egypt’s history.

Music pieces 


Tap Dance.mp3