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Year 2

We are pleased to say that, despite things being a little different at the start of this academic year, the Year 2 Marvellous Mice class have all settled in very well. We have really enjoyed getting to know your children.

We will be updating our class page with important documents, letters and a gallery of all the exciting things we have been up to.



We have finished our Queen portraits by adding sequins and jewels. We are sure Her Majesty The Queen would love them.

We have sent Her Majesty the Queen a letter and photographs of the wonderful portraits we have completed of her.



We have been on the train again, met the ticket collector and even had a snack of strawberries and chocolate buttons. We wrote some speech and came up with great ‘tasting’ words.

A Train Ride


We have enjoyed our virtual train ride and creating fantastic word banks to describe our train journey. 

We have made a great start on our ‘Train Ride’ sentence stacking. 



We have been feeding the animals to learn about sharing into equal and non equal parts.

Addition and Subtraction

Today we have been have been practising our addition and subtraction skills; checking number sentences and sorting into ‘true’ and ‘false’. Some of us even had a go at writing our own ‘true’ and ‘false’ number sentences.

Art and History


To celebrate the Queen’s 95th birthday, we have completed these wonderful portraits of her. We followed a video tutorial to complete the face and then added our own crown and hat designs. 

We have enjoyed mixing water colours to paint our portraits. 

Easter Fun


Fingerprint chicks and bunnies.

Origami Easter bookmarks. 

Bubble Poetry

We had great fun blowing bubbles and collecting words to describe how they looked and moved. We can’t wait to write our ‘Bubble’ poems.


We used chalk to create these wonderful bubbles. 

Remembrance Day 


After learning about the importance of poppies, we painted pebbles to create our own poppy art.

We were so proud of our poppies, that we turned them into calendars. 

Christmas Cards


We have really enjoyed creating our handprint robin Christmas cards. We also used our fingerprints to create the branches and snow.

Titanic Art


We have used our marbled paper to collage the background for our silhouette Titanic pictures. 

They look fabulous on our class galleries.



We have had such fun learning about icebergs.

We felt how cold and heavy they were before putting them in water.

Only a small amount of the iceberg was visible above the water, the biggest part was under the water.

We discussed how the Titanic was unable to steer around the iceberg.


We also talked about reversible and irreversible changes.

Water can be frozen to ice and after it has melted it can be frozen again, so this is a reversible change.

Once bread has been toasted, it can’t be turned back to bread, so this change is irreversible.



We then had great, messy fun colour mixing and marbling with inks. 


Literacy / Art


We have watched video clips and read information books to learn about owls. We wrote owl facts and followed a video tutorial to draw barn owls. We are now ready to start our sentence stacking work based on ‘The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark’ by Jill Tomlinson. 



We have enjoyed emptying money bags, identifying coins and adding them together.

Animal Art


We have enjoyed reading and completing activities based on the story Gerald the Giraffe by Giles Andreae.



We talked about other animals who live in the jungle and really enjoyed our symmetry art work.

We chose half an animal and sketched the other half before choosing paint, felt pens, charcoal or pastels to add colour.

They look fabulous on our class gallery.

Mindfulness Colouring 


We have all enjoyed colouring a piece of this beautiful rainbow for our classroom.