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Week 2

Week 2


This week we learnt 4 new graphemes - v, w, x, y and 4 new tricky words - and, has, his, her.


We've read lots of words like jam, jug, mess, hill, van, vet, wet, wig, wag, fox, box, six, yum, yes, yap

Other learning this week:

yesWe've played lots of games in maths involving positional language e.g. on, under, over, next to, beside, above, on top, in, underneath etc. We learnt a song to help us learn this language too!

yesIn literacy we wrote shopping lists for the imaginary Bonfire Night Parties we were having - the children worked so hard sounding the words out and using sound mats to help the write their graphemes. 

yesWe painted our diva lamps in lovely metallic colours. We hope you enjoy lighting them at home.

yesWe thought about the weather in Autumn and what clothes we need to wear - we then sorted clothes into clothes we do wear in Autumn and clothes we don't.

yesWe carried on our Dinosaur Dance unit with Mrs Lea in PE - thinking about different movements dinosaurs make.

yesWe talked about Remembrance Day and why we wear poppies. The children also observed a minutes silence with the rest of the school and they were all extremely respectful and quiet. Well done Hedgehogs!