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w.c. 21.11.22

This week we have continued learning Phase 5 phonics, including another split vowel digraph along with other alternative ways of writing sounds (phonemes) that the children are already familiar with. Please find below a document showing the learning we have focused on this week.

Please find below the spellings that will be tested on Friday 2nd December, which are words ending in 'ing' or 'ed'. The children might find these a little more difficult, but the important thing is to try hard and to 'donut' give up! I will send home a printed list of spellings with your child on a Friday in the home spelling book and they will be available on the class page, as well as being set on Spelling Shed. 

In English, we have worked on our knowledge of common and proper nouns. The children are great at spotting proper nouns when we read, so we have worked hard to apply this to our writing this week. We have started working on our model of a postcard, which has meant we have been able to look at the address of our school and had great fun watching a video to learn all about what happens to letters when they are posted. If your Fantastic Fox wants to watch this video again, here is the link: Journey of a letter

In Maths, we have continued learning about subtraction and finding the parts and whole. We are also learning how to count in 2s, 5s and 10s - the Fantastic Foxes are doing so well with the songs that are supporting us with learning these important number facts. Could your Fantastic Fox sing any of these songs to you?


Here is a game that your child might enjoy to help support their learning of subtraction.

Subtraction to 10


Don't forget there is also NumBots that you can access, please get in touch if you require your child's log in details.

This week we started our new science topic of Animals, including Humans. We discussed the main groups of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians. Thankfully the rain held off so that we could go outside and observe the animals that we could see around the school grounds. Unfortunately, there were less birds around than usual and no squirrels! The Fantastic Foxes were so quiet and careful when observing so we managed to spot a pigeon in a tree and discussed the birds that we flying overhead. They correctly predicted that we would not see fish or reptiles in the school grounds - the children already have a great knowledge of a variety of animals so I think we will have some brilliant discussions over the coming weeks.

The Fantastic Foxes worked so carefully to complete this United Kingdom jigsaw this week, with lots of children helping to put a few pieces in over the course of two days. What really impressed me was how kind they were when doing this challenge independently, lots of sharing and problem solving was involved.

In art, we have started our hot and cold colour wash pictures. These will be worked on over the course of the next few weeks. The children have enjoyed being able to explore the skills of creating a gradient, before completing their final sunset colour wash which will have a silhouette added to it once all the backgrounds are ready.