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wc. 6th February 23

Week 5 


This week has been mental health week with the theme 'Let's connect.' Throughout the week, we each completed a daily journal with a different focus each day (e.g. what makes us happy/worried, healthy body and mind etc.) and had lots of discussions about what connects us to people and the world around us. We also read the book 'Every Child Matters' everyday. We ended the week with 'Dress to Express' and brought in awards/achievements which we shared with the rest of the class.


In Maths, we learnt about factor pairs and used the opportunity to practise times tables even more! We used arrays to support our understanding and enjoyed drawing our own factor 'bugs' to work systematically and find all the factors of a product. As a class, we've been focusing on using the correct mathematical vocabulary and I've been really impressed with the improvements in verbal discussions.

In English (both reading and writing), we have been busy planning our biographies on a famous individual. The children have chosen either Rosa Parks, Pele, Queen Elizabeth II or Tutankhamun, and mapped facts on the individual on a non-fiction shape mind map. 

In PE, we had great fun playing a game of 'king of the court' where we worked on improving our dribbling skills and control, using an 'arm bar' to make it harder for the opposition to get the ball.


Finally, thank you to everyone who has submitted an entry for the extreme reading competition - there have been some fantastic entries so far! Deadline is Friday 17th February to get your entries in. Good luck badgers!

Music pieces


First FInger Rag.mp3