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Week 2

Week 2

This week Mrs Spencer Lovesey introduced a new whole school system of CARROT tokens (see the newsletter for more info!). We were the winners this week - we decided to 'bank' our CARROT reward time and save it to put with another 15 minutes if and when we win again!



This week we began Phase 4 phonics - this means reading words including consonant blends. This weeks focus was CVCC words so the consonant blend is on the end of the word.


We read words like went, help, tent, wind, hump lamp, band, lump, best, gift, nest, soft, just, belt, fact and pond. 


We also learnt 4 new tricky words: said, so, have, like. 


Other learning this week:

laughIn maths, we've been thinking again about our numberbonds to 10 (and then thought about how these could help us with our numberbonds to 20 too!). We sang our numberbond song lots and used 10 frames with two different coloured counters to find our numberbonds and write the number sentence too!

laughIn RE, we thought about special books and wrote about these with Mrs Lea. She will be teaching us about different religions and their special books over this half-term. 

laughIn topic, we explored different gardening tools in in the outdoor area and used them to practice filling and emptying flower pots. We will be planting our own seeds soon!