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Home Learning Week 3 W/C 4th May



TT RockStars


A message from Mr Rodgers -


This week is the local school Times Table Rock Star Challenge.  Each term, the local schools have a competition to see who can win the Times Table Rock Stars trophy.  Willington School won it during the autumn term, but unfortunately a different school won it last term.  Can you help us to win the trophy back?  The competition starts at 9am on Monday until 9am the following Monday.  There will be 8 schools taking part in the competition.  Good luck and let's hopefully win the trophy back!


Let’s get playing Super Squirrels!



The WhiteRose focus for this week is Money.


Or if you fancy a change, have a look at this website which offers daily maths lessons and activities.


As always, there is no expectation to carry out all of the tasks for the week, so feel free to dip into the resources and have a go!

From both websites, you can also access the home learning for Year 1 and Year 2 – if you are struggling with Year 3 then have a go at previous class activities to build your confidence. We don’t want anyone to be struggling!



Sentence Stacking

For those of you missing our Sentence Stacking, Jane Considine, who invented the writing scheme we use in school, will be delivering daily English activities for pupils to complete at home. Click on the link below to join in.



The National Academy are updating their site weekly with lessons for each year group.

This week their Literacy focus is Poetry.

From the above link, click on Year 3 and then work through the daily lessons.


Inverted Commas in Speech 



I'm sure many of you are still enjoying PE with Joe Wicks!
Also have a look at the link below - this weeks activities are Football based.



I have added some more video links from the BBC and other ideas in the grid below too!


Video 5 – The anatomy of a flower.


Video 6 – What is pollination and how does it work?



Look out for flowers and plants in the garden and when on walks.



Plant seeds in the garden.



Plant seeds in different places to see if this alters growth – shaded part of the garden and sunny part of the garden.



Create a natural collage or use nature to create art e.g. leaf printing.



Have a go at the experiment from Video 3 (

You could write up the experiment to show what you did and draw diagrams too.

Don’t forget to send in your photos! I can’t wait to see if it works!



Measure the height of a growing plant at regular intervals. Record your results in a table or even a graph.



Research rare plants e.g. Venus flytraps, ghost orchids, jungle plants.


Make a model plant or a pollinating insect.


Draw and label the parts of a flowering plant. Write a sentence to explain their function.



Research deforestation around the world and the impact it has on animals and people.

Present as a poster, or leaflet or even try a Power Point Presentation.


Write a song, a poem or even a rap to help you remember some facts about plants.

(Like the ones in videos 5 and 6!)



Draw and label the parts of a flower.


Have a go at making your own flowers using different materials – clay, paper.

See the art activity on Week 3 Learning Page.



Research pollinating insects.


Draw a cartoon strip to show the process of pollination.


Flower Art


Have a go at these craft flowers - really simple to make and they look lovely.

I had some patterned paper which I used alongside white paper, but you could use any paper - even newspaper cut into strips.

You could experiment with different length strips and different thickness of strips too.

You could send them to someone you are missing to let them know you are thinking of them.