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Year 4

Welcome to the Year 4 Class Page






Welcome to the Year 4 (#Brilliant Badgers) Class Page. 

Come here to find out useful information and to hear about all the exciting things we have been doing! 

Year 4 2018-2019 Curriculum Overview

Year 4 Parents' Meeting powerpoint

Biomes Homework Projects

We are really proud of our fantastic work!

Blue Planet - Save the Sharks


As part of our topic on biomes, we watched the BBC Blue Planet Live Lesson which got us very interested in learning about sharks. We found out that they are not as dangerous as people think - in fact humans are more likely to be stuck by lightening, TWICE, than to be killed by a shark! However, we also discovered that sharks are in great danger from humans. Over- fishing, demand for shark-fin soup and pollution from plastic waste,  all mean that there are fewer and fewer sharks in our ocean. We looked at The Shark Trust website and discovered that we could help by adopting a shark - at a cost of £25.  We decided to reduce plastic waste by re-using single-use bottles to make exciting products to sell at our summer fair. We really hope we raise enough!

Magic Squares

We have had great fun investigating magic squares in maths this week! We looked at magic squares where the total of all columns rows and diagonals was 15; where it was 18 and where it was 21 and discovered some really interesting patterns. We found that the middle number is always the total divided by 3. We also found that if the total is an odd number the numbers in the corners will be even and that if the total is an even number the numbers in the corners will be odd. We noticed that all the solutions were reflections or rotations of each other! Maths is magic!



Classification Keys

Today we have been sorting living things using classification keys.  We then worked in pairs to design our own classification keys - we had to think very carefully about the questions we used to make sure that the keys worked properly to sort the organisms.

Egyptian Tombs


Working in groups, we have made model Egyptian tombs. We had to cooperate and plan together to ensure all the elements - such as the mummy, the coffin, the sarcophagus and the canonic jars were represented and that the tombs were appropriately decorated using hieroglyphics.  

Our second sentence stacking story ‘Wolves in the Walls’ is now finished...

The finished model mountain ranges

Model Mountain Ranges


We have started creating our model mountain ranges today - it has been very messy but lots of fun!! We  have thought carefully about the designs and made sure we included a range of features such as summits, outcrops, ridges and valleys. 

Topographic Maps


As part of our topic on Europe and Mountains, we had great fun learning about topographic maps: learning about the contours and what they mean.  We mapped 'potato mountains', made model contour maps and then used a topographic map to identify UK mountain ranges and their highest peaks. 

Column Addition 

We have enjoyed using place value counters to practise column addition of 2 4-digit numbers.  They have really helped us to understand exchanging numbers and to solve some very difficult 'missing numbers' problems. 

Sentence Stacking

We have finished our first sentence stacking story about 'The Lost Thing'. We are now planning our own stories based on it. 

Our final Roman homework projects

Our homework projects are now on display in the school library - please come and have a look when you are next in school.

Final Roman gods' Shields


We enlarged our designs and used pastels and wax crayons to colour them.



Roman gods' shield designs


We researched Roman gods and found out what they represented, how they were related to one another and the objects they carried. We then created a design for a shield for each god.  We will be enlarging our designs to create the shields in a later lesson so watch this space...

15.10.18 Roman homework projects so far...