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Computing Tasks

We should be starting to work on computer coding and debugging next.

I start with talking about the instructions we are writing in literacy to do with the Explorers Picnic and the Bee-bot floor robots that the children have experienced using previously. To programme the Bee-bots to move the children have to give the robot very clear instructions (an algorithm) regarding direction and turns.

I would then use the free apps linked to Bee-bots (Search for Bee-bot App by TTS available for all devices) with the children to solve given problems. It is sometimes good to get the children to write their algorithm or instructions down so that if they go wrong they can look back and find their mistake. We talk about putting mistakes right and 'debugging' the problem.


I then move onto using 'Scratch'. There are tutorials on this site to help to show you how to use the system to build code to make a 'sprite' (character) move. 

I tend to use a programme on the site linked to bee-bots to help me do this, before letting the children create their own. Please see the links to the free sites below.