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Week 2

Week 2


This week in phonics we recapped the er and air sounds, read words with double letters and longer words. 


With longer words we talked about how to 'chunk up' the words to make them easier to read. so for a word like helmet we would chunk it into h-e-l hel... m-e-t met... helmet. When we chunk a word into smaller bits it makes it easier to read!


Some words we've read this week are bigger, chair, hair, rubber, shimmer, buzzer, better, pattern, chatter, rubbish, fantastic, comic, timid... and lots more!


Other learning this week:

laughWe started our new unit for writing based on 'Where the Wild Things Are' by Maurice Sendak. In the story, a forest grows in Max's bedroom so we went outside to walk through the trees and think about words to describe them. Once back in class we wrote a sentence to describe what the trees looked like. 

laughIn Maths, we explored the numbers 9 and 10 and compared numbers to these amounts using the language more, fewer, the same. We used 10 frames to compare amounts to each other too. 

laughIn topic, we started thinking about different modes of transport. We discussed our favourite types of transport and ones we have or haven't travelled on. Then we sorted pictures into transport with wheels and ones without wheels.